I went around asking people a very simple question with an expected response, "Would you prefer pets over humans?" Well obviously, they picked pets and for so many reasons!

1. "Pets love you unconditionally, while humans can be very disappointing when it comes to love. When it comes to pets, there are no boundaries, no judgments made on how I look or talk or behave!" - Srishti S.

2. "Yes, because pets are much more loving, caring and loyal, unlike humans. I am a cat lover and I also have a pet cat, I legit agree that one should prefer pets over humans. Pets don't have the ability to talk like we do but they do feel everything because they love us more than we love them. Animals only know the language of love, they can never hate!" - Nuzhat H. 3. "Obviously I will choose pets over humans because more than 'bros before hoes', 'pets before hoomans' is the real deal! They feel our emotions, even though they cannot speak, their actions do speak for them. Pets are caring, unlike humans." - Ruchika T.

4. "Of course I will prefer pets over humans! I do have a pet named Dory, who is a Persian breed cat. When I brought her home, my mom never came close to her and yelled at me asking why I brought her. But eventually, with the love and positive vibes that pets have, Dory made my mom fall in love with her. She's no less than our family because we love Dory and Dory loves us!" - Aadil K. 5. "I will prefer pets over humans because I know they're not selfish and would never ditch me. When I look at animals, I am nothing but happy! Be it stray, be it our pets at home, they're all alike, loving and selfless. Unlike humans who, despite having all the brains act like they have none! Even if 10 people mistreat them but one person treats them right, animals will start trusting humans again" - Gauri M. 6. "A big YESSS! I will prefer pets over humans because when you love them, they'll never leave. Their love for you never changes no matter what. They have this power of loving you without expecting anything in return. If you have a pet, you would've experienced how the moment you enter the house, your pet will be the first one to sense your arrival. Wagging their tails they will be demanding all your attention. Also, pets are amazing because they don't have a brain in their hearts!" - Mariyam S.

7. Being a pet owner, rather I would say a "PET PARENT", I will always choose my doggo over any human at any given point in my life. A human will stay with you till the time they are benefiting from you, on the other hand, a doggo needs nothing exceptional but your love and affection. Once you start living with a dog there's no way going back, you will fall in love with the way they behave when you are around, how they sleep on you at the end of the day and the best part is, no matter how bad your day was, when you return home and see a cute little face with a wagging tail all your stress and worries will fade away! I will always love my doggo over any other human being. - Rohit K.

8. The beauty of the way a dog shows love is endearing, positive and unconditional. They are really simple, sweet, and loyal. They never ask for much in return, no matter how much made we get over them because of there any misbehavior still they come back to you with the same amount of love with no ego, no judgment or superiority complex. They are the best companionship anyone could ask for!

- Keerthana N.

9. A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, smart or dumb, clever or dull. Give your heart and it will give its heart till the last breath.

- Jitesh N.

10. For starters, I'm scared of pets. You may say I don't belong to this list but trust me, every time my friends forward a cute video/post of these goofballs, my day becomes better. So, I'd say you don't have to be a "pet lover" to pick them over humans, we all know how worthy they are compared to our kind!

- Yours Truly!

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