14 Heartfelt Moments From 'A Silent Voice: The Movie'

A Silent Voice: The Movie released back in 2016 and based on a manga of the same name. It revolves around the pressing issues of bullying and is primarily from the bully's perspective. The film is relevant in today's time not only for the premise it's based upon but also for the fact that the one cannot fail to notice how beautifully the intricacies of friendship are presented. Let's look at these 14 moments from the movie that captures the overall essence of A Silent Voice.

1. Shouko Nishimiya's introduction - She's hearing-impaired and she asks her classmates to communicate with her through the notebook

2. Kind-hearted Shouko wants nothing but to be friends with the bully Shoya Ishida

3. When the principal confronts the class about the bullying and all the fingers are pointed at Shoya. Although he wasn't the only classmate harassing Shouko

4. When Shoya sees Shouko at the sign language center, aiming to make amends

5. Shoya's mother confronts him about his thoughts of suicide

6. Shoya blocking out people as he finds it difficult to face them

7. Tomohiro Nagatsuka teaching Shoya a thing or two about friendship

8. Yuzuru's character as Shouko's protective little sister

9. Shoya's inability to understand Shouko while she tries to confess her feelings for him

10. Shoya and Shouko's mother finally making peace

11. A decision that makes things take a turn for the worst

12. Shouko apologizes for the bullying and asking her to help him continue to live

13. Tomohiro Nagatsuka and Shoya's reunion once they go back to school

14. The blocks finally fall off from people's faces as Shoya looks around at his friends at the school festival

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