Breakups have become a very casual thing these days. Every other day you'll hear a person say they have split with their "best thing that happened to me". But you know what's worth noticing about people who are just out of a relationship, their coping mechanism. Not to stereotype but most of us have a few things we definitely do after our breakups, they are:

1. Aggressive swiping on the dating apps

So what if a guy left you? So what if he cheated on you? It's 2019 and it's an era dominated by these dating apps. So if one guy goes, another one will enter in no time. All you have to do is swipe right and voila! You can move on ASAP. But that's how you probably fill the void and cope with heartbreak.

2. Tattoo or Haircut?

What's your pick? A cool AF tattoo that is cryptic and has a deeper meaning or do you feel like going all crazy with your hair and maybe highlighting them too? Whatever you pick, all it signifies is "change" and "courage". It shows you're dealing with things differently and you're more focused on yourself now.

3. Working out for real

Trust me when I say this, people wish to experience heartbreak so that they actually start going to the gym. Just like a tattoo or a new haircut, working out makes you put yourself first before anyone or anything else. And surely no reasons have to be given about why it is important to prioritize yourself.

4. Movie marathon on Netflix

A tub of ice cream, a list of rom-com movies and Netflix is another mantra we girls believe in. You may start reminiscing about the relationship you just got out of so you may want to pick another genre of movies maybe? Nevertheless, you are comforting yourself in your own way which is all that matters. A little advice, do not start having expectations that things actually work out as it does in the movies. We all have happy endings like it is destined to be, just trust the process.

5. Taking a break from the dating game

Time to say "time please!", because you really need it. When you're done with relationships that are mentally exhausting and not helping you grow, you realize it is time to start thinking about yourself more than anyone. You will probably focus on your career and feel like this dating thing is not for someone like you. You eventually build this comfort zone where you are happy being just by yourself and you are better off on your own.

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