As we try to keep up with the progressive internet culture which is moving at a fast pace, there are so many new terms being invented very often. The same is applicable to dating too. Every (weird) thing BAE is doing has a certain word assigned to it. FOMO? Let me help you add a few more words to your vocabulary, they are:

1. Curving

You match with this guy on Tinder, his bio particularly caught your eye and you'll start texting. While conversating constantly for the first few days/weeks, he is suddenly MIA. He does text back but either is giving short replies or isn't really initiating the conversation. This is exactly what is called 'curving' - when they don't have the balls to tell you that they're not interested and keep you wondering!

2. Prowling

Do not know about the real ones, but the social media ghosts are not something we want to experience. But if you've been unfortunate enough to have cross paths with one, you may soon be 'prowled'. This happens when the ghost rises from the dead and makes you feel his presence the usual way - randomly dropping a comment on your picture or DMing you! Beware, don't give in and save yourself some drama. 3. Throning

It's pretty believable that people could be dating for selfish motives. And the term that we use for this? Throning. Yes, you throne someone when you know they can do anything for you, speaking in terms of clouting or achieving fame. Be a nice person and refrain from doing so, shall you? 4. Sneating

So how many of us go on dates only for the free meals. No matter how perfect the guy is, we are there only for the fries. Eyes on the prize, maybe? Well, millennial lingo has a word for this practice too and it is called 'Sneating'. It is a combination of 'sneaky' and 'eating'. A little advice when going on a date? Be good and split the bill. 5. Dracula-ing

Are you a lucky one with a legitimate date? Did you find someone who is actually interested in you? But then, you notice that most of the conversations happen during night time. The "Hey, you up?" text is coming in post-midnight, maybe? Now, this is nothing but dracula-ing, a term coined by Tinder itself. I know, it sucks to receive a text when people only bother you when they feel lonely. If you have a certain Mr. Dracula in your life, then maybe you're not that lucky, huh?

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