"Some people need to come with a warning." - something you will relate with when you happen to deal with people who don't have the decency or rather courage to behave or at least pretend like a mature, grown-up adult. Now, this goes for both the guys as well as the girls who are cheating on you with someone else but you have no clue that heartbreak is on its way! Though, there are some signs that can indicate a possibly cheating partner. They are:

1. They act all disinterested

Every time you texted them whining about how your boss gave you a tough time in office that day or how bad your day was in general, they listened to you patiently, they advised on how you can handle the problems, but now, they just don't. No matter how sad you are, they are not there to cheer you up saying "You got this, babe!" Before drawing conclusions, do talk it out with them, understand where this disinterest is coming from, hopefully, you'll get the answers on how to deal with the whole situation.

2. They act like they're hiding something from you

Now respecting the "private space" every individual will want in a relationship, there are things you do tell BAE if not someone else. Be it a guy sliding in your DMs or a girl trying to get a little too close, they do tell us. But if they're cheating on you, they will act like nothing's going on when there's actually something fishy happening and you need to find out as soon as you can! 3. Distance themselves

You can literally feel them drift apart, they shared everything with you but now, they would just want to be by themselves. They will have X reasons to push you away, wanting their "space" will be the biggest one. Do they really need space or is it just an escape from you to be with their new BAE? It seems like a mystery you need to solve! 4. Hurt you intentionally

The whole point is to upset you so much that you keep your self-respect and leave them so that it saves them the effort to tell you the truth and break up with you. Convenience, you see. They will hurt you on purpose, make you feel bad about how you breathe even. They only want you to lose your calm and leave them in peace and you become the reason for the breakup somehow. They spin the situation with their passive-aggressive behavior and if you sense this, be wise and communicate with them. 5. Your friends are trying to warn you

If no one, your friends somehow know that there are signs of trouble in your relationship. You know why? They are looking at the situation from the outside and aren't biased. They won't justify your partner's actions like you would. So, when your friends are warning you, do pay heed and save yourself before it's too late.

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