5 Steps To Get A Guy's Attention Ft. Dadi's Advice From SHARARAT!

For the 90s kids, good old days are defined by the shows we watched: Shaktimaan, Son Pari, Shakalaka Boom Boom and how can I not mention Shararat. The moment someone mentions the show's name, 'Shringh, Bhring, Sarwaling, Bhoot, Bhavishya, Vartaman Badling' is sure to cross your mind. The main protagonists were Dadi (Farida Jalal) and Jiya (Shruti Seth) who along with Jiya's mom are the only fairies on Earth. Jiya would always get in trouble with her newly acquired magical powers and Dadi would come to her rescue. But, Dadi also helped Jiya with some kick a*s dating advice and I think it's time for us to take some notes. This one's about how a girl can get a guy's attention, especially when you don't want it to look obvious. Ready girls?

In case you don't recollect the other characters, here's the list:

Meeta - Jiya's best friend

Dhruv - Jiya's love interest

Raja - Meeta's love interest

Parminder a.k.a. Pam - Jiya's nemesis who has her eyes on Dhruv

1. Ignore them

How to get a guy's attention? Ignore him. But this is different from ignoring the genuine guys in your DMs, okay? A guy who is actually interested in you and you like him back is to be ignored. This will make the guys wonder why you have been acting so distant lately. And to spike their curiosity, take off on a mini-vacation without inviting the boys (oh, the burn) just like Jiya, Meeta, and Dadi did!

2. Make them jealous by enjoying all by yourselves

Now, looking at your sudden disappearance and probably self-inviting themselves to the vacation, the boys will try to lurk around you and your girls. Do not fall for the puppy faces they might make to get themselves included in your party. Remember, you got to get their attention without making it obvious. So what better way to gorge on some delish food, sip on a drink and enjoy WITHOUT them. When they feel left out, that's when the need your attention the most.

3. Be confident

Being confident has nothing to do with always being the star kid in everything. Say you're playing a game, and you're losing, do so with grace and maybe make a light moment out of it. For instance, Jiya loses a game of Chess while playing against Pam but she ended it with pulling Pam's leg and Dhruv found this confidence in her very attractive.

4. Boys also need some tarefaan

While boys are usually the ones complimenting us girls, they too, need praises for all the efforts they take. Nothing over the top, just a couple of "I really appreciate when you go out of the way to help me!" and "You have a pretty smile." should do! You can also call him Shah Rukh Khan, like Meeta did, and it worked wonders on Raja.

P.S. I may not be the best person to talk about complimenting guys, but hopefully, I've put my point across - Spoil them (a little).

5. (Never) Pretend to be "helpless"

As much as you can pretend to hurt your ankle and hope for a guy to carry you in his arms, it's NOT the way to go. You don't need to act as if you desperately need them to reach out to you. Just be yourself and if you're in trouble pull yourself together and that might actually make him admire you more.

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