From watching horror movies that made sure I couldn't sleep peacefully at night convinced of a spirit hiding under the bed to watching every horror movie irrespective of what year it was made in, I've only grown fond of this genre of movies. It's spine chilling yet exciting but a good horror movie is difficult to expect these days. Given the predictable plots of a majority of the movies with humor elements that quite often ruin a scene, we hope we get to watch more of such movies that make us think twice before we get up to pee in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some twisted horror movies that are very different compared to the other ones in the genre, then here are 5 movies that you should be adding to your watchlist:


I have to admit that since the past couple of years, the movies that claim to be 'Horror' are nothing less than a comedy flick with a presence that is gliding across the screen and some high pitched scary background music, but that's about that. There is nothing really 'spooky' about it! However, 2018 brought to us this Ari Aster directorial 'Hereditary' which by far is one of the most horrifying horror movies this genre has. With characters scaring the sh*t out of you to scenes you just wish you hadn't seen, especially at night, give this one a watch if you haven't already!


Believe me, when I say this, Spanish movies are nothing less than amazing. In fact, calling them amazing is an understatement. It can easily outdo a Hollywood movie in any genre for that matter. Speaking of horror movies, one such gem is 'The Orphanage'. A grieving mother hopes to find her son who is missing for several months with the help of the spirits who she believes are helping her. Weird, right?


X reasons to watch this movie? - Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Jack Nicholson's laudable performance, it is based on a Stephen King novel and adapted brilliantly, and also REDRUM (spell it backward). If you are apprehensive of watching the movie because it belongs to the yesteryears, fret not because this movie will get you engrossed right from the opening sequence. And, if you are someone who goes by the IMDB ratings, it has a solid 8.4!


A husband who did some questionable deeds in the past, neighbors who are behaving strangely and have just moved in and every other event that follows in 'What Lies Beneath' is engaging, this movie moves at a steady pace ensuring you're glued and move along with the story. If you are tired of the same old Ouija Board idiocy and love some mystery that's being solved, give this one a watch!

5. CASE 39

It's never really imperative to have a spirit that is dressed in white, has long nails and long hair to scare people. Sometimes, the demon can be in disguise of a human, not speaking metaphorically. If you want to watch a Horror movie on Netflix, watch Case 39 for some serious jolt scares!

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