5 types of people you should NEVER date!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Dating - 2 people posting pictures of being together on Instagram out of social pressure where one of them has no effing clue what they're doing with the other human.

Just Kidding.

The dynamics of a modern-day relationship is changing, you'd wonder why. Simply because the concept of "dating", "relationship" and "love" has changed. People don't know if they're actually with someone or how to label their relation with the other person. But if you're lucky/unlucky enough to crack the true meaning of dating someone then here are the 5 kinds of people you should avoid at all costs!

1. The one who is self-centered

Presenting you the human version of a goat, because when they speak, all they say is "MAAAI, MAAAI". All they talk, think, breathe about is themselves. They believe all the other people around them are unpaid therapists, who are obliged to listen about them. So if you want your partner not to be full of themselves and have a relationship where you're visible, please avoid this human goat.

2. The one who is living in the past

While you're in 2019, not bothered by your past, ready to move on and get back in the game this person will be living in 2014, still in love with their ex who must've dated a zillion others post the breakup. So what happens when you two collide? Your mind has a new face to think about but they see their ex in you. Ouch. They can go on and on about their ex-lover so much so that they can write a book on them. A sense of living in the moment and not letting the past affect your relationship matters the most when you date. The best you can do is be a good friend to them and ask them not to dwell in the past.

3. The one who tries to change you

Imagine you're dating someone who's caught your attention and has been nothing but nice to you since you first started dating. But as days passed by they're advising you to do things the way they do or do it differently. They question your way of life and they want you to change your modus operandi. Only one question should come to your mind "Who TF are they & WTH am I doing dating this person?" The faster you say "thank u, next" the better it is for you!

4. The one with trust issues

While in today's time a person is bound to be a little concerned when it comes to trust their partner, there are people who have major trust issues even if they see their BAE looking at someone else. Not to mention the constant asking about your whereabouts. They're more interested in where you are and who you're with than your parents ever were. So unless you want an upgraded version of parenting in your relationship, you can give this person a miss.

5. The one who keeps you hanging

A poor emotional connect with a lack of clarity about what you mean to them makes you want to rethink about dating this person. They may want to date but they're not sure of it. They have their priorities aligned and you aren't even on the list. You might end up getting mix signaled and you're left hanging. You will feel sorry for yourself because the amount of time and effort you put in will go down the drain. You're heading towards a dead-end, my friend. Time to make that turn and go right back to the start and find someone else instead!

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