5 Ways To Deal With Your Beloved Haters

Have you ever wondered, who your biggest fan is? Your parents, or siblings or probably the person who has a crush on you? Or your stalker for that matter. But if you really think about it, I feel it's your haters who have you on their minds 24x7. They watch you closely, analyze everything you do and talk about you and isn't this exactly how every celebrity is treated? How you deal with your haters is pretty subjective and broadly it could be one of the following ways you use:

1. Ignore their existence

Haters take pride when you feed their ego by reacting to the abuses they hurl at you. Ignorance is a curse and blessing alike. The wise people always said, "Don't pay heed to the dogs that keep barking." After all, why waste your precious energy on people who don't even matter.

2. Love them

I personally go by laughing at the accusations haters have to make, it's hilarious to see people exhibit the very same behavior they resent in you. At least for me, my conditioning has happened in an environment that made me look like the bad guy. And honestly, with the time you just agree with whatever the haters say about you, in a sarcastic manner, of course! Like yes Linda, I'm the snake you shouldn't pet, a Queen doesn't live in a peasant's confines. This will lowkey kill your hater(s) and make them wonder if going further low to bring you down will be worth the effort. I also somehow happen to love my haters. Why you'd ask? Because they always make me step up and give them more reasons to hate me.

3. Create a cult

"Dushman ka dushman, mera dost" may ring a bell with every Indian ever. And it's true to the T because no bond is stronger than the one built on common dislike. It unleashes a different level of friendship when people who loathe the same person.

4. Block them completely

You could absolutely end their existence in your life by blocking any sort of contact with them but honestly, is it even possible? Here's some food for thought - does blocking your haters mean you are not prepared to confront them? Your interpretation of this method of dealing with people is totally up to you.

5. Give it back to them

This technique if used discreetly with care can be a good exercise especially to show people the mirror. You need to get down and get as dirty as your haters to make them feel how it is to be on the receiving end of hatred. It's true what they say, sometimes you have to be the Karma and vengeance for a good cause is not always that bad.

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