Updated: Apr 12, 2020

January (which seemed endless) brought us some shows which were as terrible as Ghost Stories and some shows which we deserved, yes, that show being Sex Education's second season. So, this season streamed on Netflix and trust me, once you start with Episode 1, you'll only want to stop at the last one. And glorious as this season was (I could write about it endlessly) there are these turning points in a way which were the high points of the season for me!

*spoiler alert*

1. Maeve's return - a triumphant one

There was no way Maeve wasn't returning on campus and hey she did. She did in the most Maeve-way possible. And even otherwise, the whole story is incomplete without her given a love triangle that was clearly formed.

2. Dr. Milburn (Otis's mom) dealing with her underlying feelings

So, doesn't Otis's mom comes across as someone who knows it all when it comes to relationships? She sure is, but one thing that hit me hard is that if you are an expert in curing a certain disease, you never know when you fell ill. And when Dr. Milburn accepted that she indeed is suffering from a broken heart (with Sufjan's Mystery of Love playing in the background) it all got so real.

3. Jackson doing something that really makes him happy

Jackson being the champ that he is, trains for the sake of his mother's happiness. Only to realize that it doesn't make him happy. A moment for appreciating Viv to push him towards something new (acting in the school play) while he's healing from his hand injury. I honestly also adore the kind of bond Jackson and Viv share, it'll remind you of your guy BFF!

4. Kids getting professional help in terms of sex education

I, like most of us, thought the idea of a 16 year going around imparting sex education to the fellow 16-year-olds is fascinating. But everything changed when Otis's mom is now giving professional advice (for free) which was also relevant to the problems the kids faced. It makes much more sense that way.

5. Adam finally expressing his feelings for Eric

You have to agree with the fact that Adam owed Eric his glorious confession right in the middle of the play about how he really feels. When made understood by his mom that we need to tell people how we feel about them, Adam is set in motion and we finally see Adam and Eric together! *inserts heart emojis* (I do feel sorry for Rahim though. Sort of.)

6. The girls team up and are there for Aimee

While being in detention, the girls Maeve, Olivia, Aimee, Ola, Lily and Viv bond when Aimee finally breaks down given her traumatizing experience of a sexual advance made by a guy on the bus.It finally ends with all the girls joining her for the bus ride to school the next day. Honestly, it couldn't get any more empowering!

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