A 5 Point Checklist To Confirm If You're A Two-Faced Person

I'm really not disappointed with the pandemic at all. Huh? Confused? Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, I feel like asking the exact same question to some people I've met in life. Now I do write a lot about people, different kinds of course. But this particular kind that gets you wondering and annoyed as f*uck are the ones with 2 faces, one real and another a pretense. You 2 faced people make the others go as crazy as that meme guy we are so fond of, who says:

In case you want some confirmation or rather help with introspection that you belong to this category, here's a checklist and if you happen to exhibit even 1 of the below behaviors, you may have a lot to think about my friend:

1. You are abnormally sweet

I know the inevitable "what's wrong with being sweet?" crossed your mind and nope, there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it comes naturally to some people. But those of you who pretend to be sweet with every possible human being despite disliking them, you've really got honeybees doubting if they're supposed to be collecting honey from you instead. And no, they shouldn't, you deserve a sting instead. Hah! Dial the sweetness down if you really want to save that one pretty face of yours because the fake face will expose itself, eventually.

2. You make new friends faster than Ex-TikTokers changing their clothes

Yes, I did make that comparison, and that is your speed for real. We only wonder "why?" though. You want to be everyone's BFF while not liking them behind their backs. You are everybody's buddy until some people are watching you closely, inspecting every move of yours to be sure AF to not trust you.

3. Your loyalty is questionable

So, who's side are you on actually? Okay, not even that, who is your tribe? You hang out with certain people, talk to them, are probably their good friend and that is cool. Then moments later you get up and move on to another set of people while backbiting the previous ones. WE ARE CONFUSED. You got us like -

4. You will LITERALLY do everything to be in everyone's good books

Literally anything. Be it the fancy Instagram posts or stories and oh the fake "being there for others", honestly save it! Others just end up discovering bonds that they never knew existed. People are just surprised (or not, we saw it coming from miles).

5. You are (almost) a hypocrite

I can't exactly call you a hypocrite but when you disagree to do something and end up doing the exact same thing, you are in the process of becoming one! Unless there's a valid reason for you to change your own decisions and act otherwise, you ARE attracting our attention and making us wonder if we should really be knowing you.

As you may see, every point on this list is connected and it is also a guide to spot this phony human. Good luck axing these people out of your lives ya'll!

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