We all know with the kind of lives we're living, 'Monday blues' and 'Midweek Blues' are for real. We dread Mondays and by the time it's Wednesday, we end up reassuring ourselves that weekend is just a couple of days away. And hey! These midweek blues applies to EVERYONE, even someone who is in a B-School like myself. But the best part is, we're just a cab ride away from the impromptu plans! And once we were back in the routine post the Diwali break, we decided to spend a chill evening at Prithvi Café in Juhu.

Known for its outdoor seating and beautiful lanterns, this place is easy on your pockets and rich in terms of taste, it's hit among millennials and elders alike. All I could see is how people from every age group and even the foreigners were there enjoying what the place has to offer. And I have to admit, we were lucky enough to witness the beautiful preparations of the Prithvi Fest 2019 which is going on since the 1st of this month and ends on the 11th. Enough typing, a glimpse of the evening is in the pictures below:


Prithvi Café looked nothing less than stunning that evening. The lights, the art, the lanterns even, everything just added a little more to the beauty of this place.


And how could we not dig into some lip-smacking food? We tried some yummy Pasta, Chicken Pizza, Peri Peri Chicken sandwich (PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS SANDWICH), Fish n Chips, the famous Vertigo and some beverages to down all the food!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Peri-Peri Chicken Sandwich


Virgin Mojito and Peach Ice Tea

All in all, an evening spent at the Prithvi Café was just like it is every time we visit, amazing!

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