Fuckboi - The guy your friends warned you about but you still ended up waving back at him in your messenger. Also, he is a h*e. A Fboi will make sure you'll go through this phase where you're all daydreaming and then end up blocking them. Want to save yourself from the trouble of going through this? Here's how you can spot a FBoi!

1. Masters of communication

No, this is not a degree from any university. This is what Fbois are all about. They are absolute masters of communication. The sweet-talking, calling you "hey beautiful", pouring out their heart to get you emotionally hooked, they will write paragraphs to keep you engaged. If you've ever had the misfortune of having to conversate with a fuckboi, you would've realized that you're not even half as good as they are.

2. Emotional baggage

Now every fuckboi has a back story. What exactly made him a Fboi? He'll drag you with him to his past, show you how his ex-girlfriend hurt him or how the girl he liked didn't like him back. He will give you his reasons for not believing in the concept of love or even a normal, stable relationship. Oh, and you will be agreeing with him btw.

3. It's all a facade

Now all this back story and fake Kabir Singh-ness of him is all a facade. It's purely for their selfish motives, probably for a one night stand or a hookup. And while he has got you all believed that it is okay to give in to this whole concept of meaningless attachments, you're falling deeper and deeper in his trap.

4. They don't define the relationship

They will say they "love you" and it's quite obvious that they don't mean it. You are their BAE but who knows what they mean when they call you that. They pretty much pretend they care about you. They will be constantly texting you, giving you the kind of attention you never happen to get from a normal guy (normal guys are distant salmons) and that is why chances are you get all the jitters and may feel that this thing with the Fboi may actually be headed towards a serious relationship. Unfortunately, this is just another hookup for them.

5. They will get things done from you

One day they are asking you to send your pictures, the next day it is "send me nudes baby". You will give in because they have cast some sort of magic spell on you. That is what Fbois do, they charm you, lure you in, change your perspective and then make you do things that you wouldn't have otherwise done in your wildest dreams!

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