All you need to know about the new Android OS - Android 10!

Apple has done its bit for the year! With a new set of gadgets and features, they have managed to feed the craze of all the tech-savvy people around the globe. With the release of their new Slow-motion selfie or Slowfie as they have coined it, the Internet has shown quite an interest in buying these new devices.

While the game seems to have reached match-point, It is time for Android to serve something new! With the ball in its court, the infamous open-source framework which has won the hearts of all their customers has now launched their new Android version - Android Q or Android 10 as it is called.

While we all were expecting a new sweet dish name to pop-up in the news as the Android name, the creators seem to think otherwise. Looks like we have to put our Android sweet-tooths on hold! They have taken a decision to put away naming the android versions with dessert names and rather wish to name it numerically starting now. (Quite the bummer, IKR?)

While the name may not be so fancy(read tasty!), the features they have brought may completely change your opinion! Along with their usual trademark feature of letting the users customize the entire OS to suit their style and comfort, this new version has officially incorporated a few added elements.

Welcome to the Dark Side!

The whole of the Internet went gaga as Instagram launched its dark-theme application. Guess what, now your entire android is capable of that! (Many of you already have it, but it's for the people who don't so, HAH!). A major do-over that not only helps your eyes relax but also optimizes your battery life. Sounds energizing already!

Everybody gets to hear it clear!

Now more party music system woes! The revamp now makes your phone as adept as a full-fledged booster! All the sounds, be it a music party, or a call, every sound is now crisp and clear!

While these two may not sound too big a change, here is the key feature that everyone applauded and loved!

What's mine is only mine - We got that Privacy bruh!

Everything is now in your control! Privacy is now something you decide as you wish. Get a chance to control everything, right from what data is stored, how long can it be stored, what apps can use your location and the best out of all - Opting out of ad retargeting!

Yes, you heard it right! No more ads of things you may have spoken, searched or just casually looked for. You can now opt-out of the retargeting that lets you not be spammed with ads that you rather not wish to see or be seen on your screens would be apt! That, according to me, is quite an overhaul.

Get ready for better #Parenting with Family Link

Parenting 101: While the internet may be a great place for your kids to learn new things, the cons outweigh the pros. Addiction to mobile devices may not only cause damage to their young brains but also may cause them to be more distant and affect their personality traits.

However, that can be now under control, thanks to Family Link! This new android feature, according to the official Android 10 page helps to:

Set digital ground rules and help make healthy habits.

From setting screen times to actually monitor where your kids are, there are a lot of safety features added in, considering all the different problem scenarios.

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg! The new update seems to cover a lot of different bases like Accessibility, Camera, Performance and many more! You can go check out more information at their official website.

Clearly, the service was amazing! Google, that was a good shot. (*Claps*)

With the game now in Android's control. I am quite interested to know the next big move, just like you! Mention your feature you liked the best in Android 10 in the comments section below. Do tell us what you would like to be added to the next version. Stay tuned for more tech updates and reviews!

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