How often do we stumble upon shows on the streaming apps that are far beyond our usual picks? You could love watching series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Dark and shows that belong to the respective genres and there's nothing wrong with that. But what if once in a while we choose a show which is different and we would've not watched otherwise. Keeping biases aside, presenting you a show that will create a separate you should consider if you're looking to break the monotony.

About Angels in America - An ensemble set in the 1980s with a stellar star-cast revolving around homosexuality and AIDS. Streaming now on Hotstar, this show is a miniseries version of the play originally written by Tony Kushner. The show is powerful and I say so majorly because it depicts:


One very crucial element of the series' plot, the delusions, and fantasies the characters have is one of the many elements that bind this show together. "Threshold of revelation", as one of the characters would say. And folks, the art direction for all of the fantasies is bang on!


Ex-lovers, homosexuals, a woman and her mother in law, a friend at heart, name it and the show has to offer what is not necessarily is between a girl and a guy, love. Yes, the show may be all fantasy stuff but let's not miss out on the bits that have relevance and relationships is one such dynamic.


We all have that one friend whom we adore for their badassery and straightforwardness and I particularly love Jeffry Wright as 'Norman Belize' in the show. He's savage and whatever he says is on the level, no bullshittin' around! Apart from him, every character has exhibited their prowess in their own ways, given each one has a story to tell and all their lives being interconnected in the show.


Be it, Al Pacino or Meryl Streep, each one has aced their respective roles. Oh, but most of the actors have played more than one role (Meryl Streep has played as many as 4 roles). When you ask the Director what more can be done in terms of acting and he says "Surprise Me!" um, I think the actors have pulled all the stops to do so.


Be it the opening sequence, the sculptures, the mirror reflections, the beauty of this ensemble has got its grandeur and its enough reason for you to keep adding to the 'Why I'm in awe of this show' list you'll make by the end of it. Trust me when I say this, the opening sequence will stay with you a little longer than you would've thought with a thoughtful statue looking right at you by the end of it!

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