Anxiety: A 20-something-year-old's companion // I OVARYacted!

23.06.2021 I would begin this with a confession- YoursTruly has been feeling like sh*t off late. And as the title suggests, I was PMSing and my emotions were barely in control. Every minor inconvenience pushed me over the edge. The worst was when a colleague who was under the weather, lashed out at me and said I wasn't empathetic enough, especially on the very same day when I wasn't even kind to myself. Crying myself 3 hours straight to sadness and then eventually realizing I could've saved the tears (literally), I decided to detach.

The very statement about not being kind to myself hit me like a truck. To make it upto myself, I decided to dedicate one whole week to ME, doing everything I liked. And here's how it has been going: 1. A photoshoot My elder sibling and I drown our feelings in clothes and clicking pictures make me happy irrespective. Take a look:

Toh yeh DP bana de hum? Bana chukey hain.

2. Stepping out With the new work from home set up, home & office isn't any different. And with a difficult week at work, my soul begged me to break free and step out. This week being "Your wish is my command", I did just that!

Psssst, I also put together this piece while sipping on the hot chocolate

3. Watching a movie Movies have always offered me comfort. I knew that a great watch helps in the much needed detach and what better than a Mira Nair documentary. I watched the 'India Cabaret' and the portrayal of the lives of strip-tease dancers in the early 80's blew my mind!

It's an hour-long, and trust me, it is worth every minute. 4. Social Media Distancing

Here comes the hiccup, the biggest stumbling block that seems impossible to overcome. Unfortunately the nature of my work doesn't grant me the liberty to quit the social apps. But Instagram was one such app where there was some scope of distancing. Now, while I did log out of my account, I created a dummy one to post images or quotes which helped me let out my thoughts, how does the feed look right now? Here:

The goal is to go 15 days without the app and it looks like a challenge I'd like to take on.

P.S. Most of my upcoming pieces might not exactly be 'positive' but again, my pieces are a direct reflection of my state of mind. I am hopeful, for better days and the pain to pass. Cover Image:

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