A young adolescent boy, a young professor on a summer visit, sculptures, love are just a very few words describing this gem of a movie. Call me by your name is a modern-day piece of art in all aspects of its filming. Be it the direction, the actors or even the story, everything makes sure the movie lives up to the expectations of a brilliant book adaptation (which is so rare!) But here's really what made me fall in love with it:

Elio and Oliver

Elio and Oliver's bond is set to melt your heart. Every time you see their characters on screen, you see passion, innocence, sadness, fear but also a very beautiful love story. There's a sense of uncertainty and you know that either of them will have their heartbroken by the end of it. But isn't that how love is? It never comes with surety but to have it for a mere six weeks is also enough for it to make an impact of a lifetime.


Along with the script, the art direction of the movie is commendable because if you happen to watch the movie, you cannot fail to notice the artistic grandeur it boasts of. Be it the sculptures, the buildings, Rome itself, gives this movie the perfect ground and adds to the beauty of this film. Who wouldn't want a love story set in the European countries?

Sufjan Stevens

A huge shoutout to the Sufjan Stevens' songs for making us fall in love with the movie all the more. Be it "Mystery of Love" which is pretty much the whole film summarized, at least for me, or "Visions of Gideon" which plays at the very end, the songs are a work of art. Sufjan Stevens' voice will make you fall in love instantly, whether you are single or otherwise. Do keep your phone around because you're surely shazam-ing most of the songs in this movie.

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