Do you ever get easily bored with the same content you watch when it comes to movies? Be it Bollywood or even Hollywood movies, it does seem like sometimes, you are watching the same thing happening again, but with a different cast and a different set altogether. If you’re craving for a beautiful story, quirk, colors, and drama which is very different from the usual, presenting to you some of the must-watch Almodovar movies.

A little bit about the director- If you ever decide to watch an Almodovar flick and if you retrospect, you will notice how almost all of his movies are women-centric. Be it female actors or men who play the role of women (which is very common in his movies) each character is bound to engage you and make you empathize with them in no time. And the best part about any foreign language film, I believe, is that be it sorrow or drama, each aspect is shown in a very unique manner. You won’t have characters crying rivers or the typical saas-bahu idiocy which we are fed up with. While I list down the movies for you, do remember to have an open mind when you decide to watch each of these masterpieces.

1. All about my mother

Once you finish watching this movie, you will appreciate your mother a little more. A movie that won Almodovar an Oscar, it takes you through the journey of a mother who is struggling to cope with the losses and downfalls in her life. There’s love, immense sorrow, a new beginning, sisterhood and so much more to this movie. Even bitterness is portrayed in a very mature way. If you have heard “some bonds are thicker than blood”, get ready to witness it in this movie.

2. Women on the verge of a mental breakdown

A woman coping with her lover leaving her with no definitive reason, burning the bed lighting cigarettes and adding tons of sleeping pills in gazpacho, a character sleeping through most of the movie but getting an orgasmic dream are just a few instances of what goes down in the film. You would’ve figured out that this movie is going to be one hell of a ride and well it is. With relationship dynamics changing by the minute and some crazy plot twists, this is hands down one of the best break-up movies I’ve ever seen!

3. Bad Education

Like it’s already mentioned, watching an Almodovar will make you want to watch it with an open mind. Bad Education’s story is beautifully sad but the way it is portrayed right from the beginning will get you hooked. Two lovers reuniting after being separated as a consequence of events that took a toll on their childhood, the story has some great revelations as it progresses, because love never is easy. There are antagonists and sometimes they’re people who are family. Do give this one a watch if you are inclined towards the parallel genre.

4. Volver

A 2006 movie, starring Penelope Cruz, a picture aesthetically soothing your eyes, this is supposedly (not a) horror flick as a mother rises from the dead due to some unfinished business. When you will look back at the movie, you are sure to summarize it as a movie known for a beautiful color palette, all the women shown in the movie and lots of air kisses. Almodovar makes sure to portray each of the relationships of a woman in her life, be it the mother-daughter, sisters, father-daughter or even the grandmother- granddaughter dynamic. The story will not let you down and like each of the Almodovar movies, plot twists are guaranteed!

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