Broken but UnBroken

Imagine a hot guy you have been consistently stalking on suddenly slides into your DM saying "Hey there!". Makes your heart goes into woovy layers right? Yes, so to all the hot guys you have stalked before, here are the stages or you can say phases where you are left broken but unbroken.

1. The Sherlock Zone:

You come across this hot guy's profile and all you wanna do is his full background check. I totally relate to this, because when I stalk any hotness, I end up stalking all his other hot guy friends too, Why? Cos backup is a must ;p

2. The Fortune Favours you, Zone:

Now, all thanks to data intelligence when you stalk someone's profile that person gets a friend's suggestion and if fortune shines in your favour, guess what, you might just get lucky and expect golden words from the person with whom you started imagining a future with.

3. The Conversational Zone

Here is your Prince Charming pinging you Hey there! and all you take is like a fraction of seconds to reply him back Hey Hey!! ( know what's running in your fictional head, you wanna hit him up with a feisty reply like hey there handsome, let's meet soon? Yup! Been there, done that.) I have totally goofed myself in this zone, thinking that I am making this conversation wayyy boring and end up saying bye, gn, etc. (F-AWKWARD)

4. The Downfall Zone

IK Sistaa! This is the most heartbreaking zone, after all the efforts you took to make that dream of spending life together happen, reality slaps your face. As we realize that this chick is (once again) nothing but another passing cloud. (Them feels bruh) This is so relatable to me because I build up expectations, build dreams, take screenshots of chats and ask my girlies how to reply like a boss, & with each charming reply from my crush, I end up melting like a piece of ice and right away begin planning for my marriage. Every time when I start having a conversation, I totally feel like this time, this is gonna be it and finally, I am going to get committed, BUT BUT BUT there comes the speed breaker and Poof! I am back to the single life.

I'd say we girls are the real brave hearts out there. From simple compromises to highly fictional imaginations, we dream and expect a lot, a lot quicker. Eventually going through all the phases we girls end up staying Broken but Unbroken.

Love this little piece of emotionally penned note?

If you want to discuss your broken but unbroken moments or want me to write more such articles covering the reality of our love lives. Drop your comment below or you can mail me at I am always up to listen to your stories and have a beautiful chat, coz why not :p

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