When just recently I happened to be a part of the Navratri celebrations in our locality, I wondered if festivals hold the same meaning for us as they did probably a decade ago. Exchanging sweets during Diwali, being someone's 'Secret Santa' or even drowning people in colored water during Holi, it feels like the enthusiasm to celebrate these festivals has somewhere died. It has a lot to do with how we're progressing as a society and the peaking environmental issues which demand a change in the way we celebrate a festival. With Diwali being here and signifying everything new, I believe below are a few Shubhaarambhs and new ways we can celebrate the festival of lights!

Keeping your ego aside and mending your relationship

If you have this person in your life who you resent but there is still hope for mending your relationship with them, let Diwali be the occasion to do so. It could be a misunderstanding between the two of you or inhibition from both of you'll to make things right, if you are waiting for a chance to talk to them and want a 'new beginning', what better time than this beloved festival!

Spending time with your family

How often do you even keep your phones aside and spend time with your parents, even if it is just sitting down for dinner together? Do you ever ask your siblings how their day was or who their crush is? Well, don't bother thinking about that because we all know how distant we've grown, especially after a smartphone changing our lives. Look at your phone a little less and spend time with your family a little more.

Calling a friend you haven't spoken to in a while

No matter how mature it is to be understanding enough that we're adults and we have busy schedules, we shouldn't forget those friends who we do not meet quite often or always think that we'll text/call them later. It is about time you pick your phone and call that one person you've wanted to speak to but didn't find the time to do so.

Make yourself a PRIORITY

While you should be considerate about others, do not forget yourself in the process. When was the last time you treated your self with a spa day or maybe a shopping therapy? When did you spend time doing what you really loved doing the most? We're so caught up with working for someone else, we forget to look after our own selves and this Diwali why not buy presents for yourself before others?

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