Dear Ex, Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine's day is just a few days away and I can totally see couples around me prepping for the big day I feel that the branding for Valentine is done in such a beautiful manner, that now even singles find a way not to stay single that day :p

Well considering singles finding their love for the Vday, what about to those who just for the heck of it go back to their ex?

Well, seeing a couple of people doing from my friend's community, I derived a few inferences and you too can spot them!

1. It's totally a secret:

Well, these people don't want to make a headline by saying they want to get back to their ex because they know they will goof up their case if they are spotted back with their ex (since they must have told their friends I treat my ex like bro or he is nothing to me). It's just that they feel special that day, they feel it's okay to be back for some time. All meetups and date are done secretly, until and unless you are smart to spot.

2. It's just for some pampering

Seeing their friends around preparing surprises for their love, they start getting memories about the time when they use to have fun and doing all the lovey-dovey things. They need that, they don't want to be alone & they feel their ex can be a better partner for that special day.

3. Social media stories of being single on Vday

These people want to make sure people around them that they are too proud to be single on the day of love. Well gifting themselves something & showing the world its just a deception.

Keeping their exes game strong Valentine's day is going to be more special for them. I hope a little bit of my introspection will help you to find such pairs and fill your life with some entertainment. Anyways, in the end, it's said "live and let live", but who cares right? A little bit of gossip sharing with your friends lights up your day!

If you spot such pairs and find more beyond my findings, you can write to me at

Image Source: Giphy, Pinterest

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