Dina From Girls Trip Is Badassery Personified!

When it comes to chick flicks, my favorite movie is hands down 'Girls Trip', which released back in 2017. With one of the best star cast and being relatable on every level, you have to watch this one with your girl squad! Now one of the characters, in particular, has made me watch this movie at least five times now. Wondering who? When the movie has Tiffany Haddish in it, the favorite one has to be her! She essays the role of Dina, who is savage, badass, and will absolutely have your back while hissing off your cheating husband out of your life. Enough said, here are some of my favorite Dina moments from Girls Trip:

So, um, Dina got drugs in her...

Oh and you cannot get infections in your...

The trip is just getting started

Refill, please!

Now, she isn't going to take it well when her best friend's guy is cheating on her

I told ya!

Just venting it out

And she will show you how to 'Grapefruit' a guy!

And when it's her, it's fire burnin' on the dance floor!

Can't say who had more fun 'riding'

She prays too, okay?

... and she will always have your back!

*Every girl squad needs to have a Dina*

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