Embracing the good vibes - Lil Flea Mumbai

A beautiful paradise, a spectacular flea experience, a gastronomical delight or just a simple event - The Lil Flea was everything! This 3-day event held in Mumbai was a wonderful way to enjoy my weekend. In the midst of the hustle-bustle of the city, the elegance of the Lil Flea shone bright attracting people from all over to just be a part of this unique experience.

With musical performances, live poetry sessions and a go-green perspective, this celebration brought the glimmer of lights and extravagance to Mahalakshmi Racecourse. With a wide array of stalls to suit all kinds of buyers, the event was a grand success. Spread across three wholesome days, Lil Flea aimed at creating a one-of-a-kind festival for all the shopping enthusiasts, music lovers, foodies, craftsmen, business owners, and brands to go all out! It was aimed to be a free space for people of all age groups, genders, and interests to come together to enjoy the magic of oneness.

The Grand Welcome:

The Sunday weather was calm and chill, exactly replicating the vibes of the Lil Flea. With huge waves of people rushing in to be a part of this event, the entrance was pretty crowded. However, that was to be expected considering the scale of the event. After a good 10-minute walk to Gate-10, we finally entered into the zone of good vibes. A cool soothing breeze welcomed us as we walked in.


The completely filled Mahalakshmi Racecourse grounds was overwhelming with the feelings of excitement and joy. From running around to check out the various stalls to clicking pictures near the beautiful arrangements of fairy lights and glittery decorations, the crowd was pretty hyped being a part of this event. The ambiance of this festival is the main reason for many attending it every year. The vibrant stalls, beautiful zones, and specially curated decorations speak for themselves.

The lights that guide you around:

Nothing beats the decoration of the venue! From simple fairy lights to lanterns hung around, the whole festival feels spoke to all the people who attended the fest. With kids running around enjoying the beautiful lights, old and young couples just walking hand-in-hand, the simplicity of bringing such a memorable feel to an event goes to the organizers and volunteers. Right from the entrance to guiding people around, they did a really great job in coordinating the whole event. Kudos to the team!

The Tasty Gourmet Experience:

Be it simple snacks or multi-cuisine treats, The Lil Flea turned out to be a literal paradise for all the foodies! With special coffee brands like DOPE Coffee Roasters, Sleepy Owl, new and tasty tea brews like the Dancing Leaf, exquisite sushi from The Bandra Sushiholic, etc. the festival invited a huge list of culinary brands to entertain our taste buds. Along with all this, the craft beers like Moonshine Meadery, White Owl, Eight Finger Eddie and a lot more added extra fizz and hoppiness to the fest.

Adding A Musical Zest To The Evening:

Nothing beats the experience of live music. We got to hear the live music performances of artists like Filter Coffee, Shashwat Bulusu, and The Fanculos. While all the three artists made the whole flea experience beautiful, a special mention goes to Filter Coffee for their enthralling new set. It was a new experience listening to someone like them. While the rush and the crowd, made it unable to set our camera pointing at the performers, we kinda rather drifted to soaking all the music in.

In simple words, we were able to be part of the Lil Flea experience! A complete weekend filled with the vibrant, cool and mystic charms of the stalls, music performance and beauty of simplicity that the Lil Flea carried.

While all this seems to be too good to read, I implore you all to check out the Lil Flea when it returns to the city. I hope this blog helped you in learning more about the magic of Lil Flea. If you liked reading about the Lil Flea then give as many likes to this blog. Do share it with your friends and if you have any special events similar to the Lil Flea that you want us to cover, do let us know. Add your comments in the comment section below or send your suggestions at thebosslady@ftwmediahouse.com

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