We're changing. Our behaviors are changing too. But you know what is causing this? Probably the Internet. Or maybe we are just a bunch of a-holes? And one damaging change that I happen to observe in my everyday life is people most often using "Just Kidding" and getting away with things. Here's how:

1. We talk trash about people to their faces and say "You know I am just kidding right?"

We argue with people and that's one of the many aspects of human interaction. But 2 words make it easier for us to insult people, talk as much trash as we can about them, right to their faces - "Just Kidding". That's it. That's how you end the conversation saying you didn't mean a word when you actually meant everything you just said.

2. We scare the shit out of people, purely for the self-entertainment purpose and just say "JK"

Some people think that there is a better entertaining alternative other than memes, or watching Phir Hera Pheri. What do they do? They tell their friends that they asked their crush out and add a just kidding to it. The friend's reaction is sure hilarious but I still believe PHP is much more entertaining than that. Every day is becoming an April fool's day, thanks to Just Kidding.

3. We don't even spare ourselves

Okay, so "just kidding" is not something we say just to the others, we fool ourselves too. "I'll go to the gym tomorrow". *5 seconds later* Just Kidding! And add the second word that should definitely be mentioned along with just kidding, "LOL". Not sure how loudly one laughs, or if they laugh at all, but meaninglessly using words is surely becoming a thing. "I think I like him", "LOL, no JK'. Typical millennial lingo. So I think we should be patiently waiting for the day when we stop LOL-ing and Just Kidding ourselves and actually be saying things we really mean.

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