Wishes of the new year to everyone reading this. Well with all things 'new', Netflix released 'Ghost Stories' (by the directors of 'Lust Stories') on the first day of 2020. Going by trailer, it looked a little promising and I made it a point to watch it the very day it streamed. Well, I'm sure you know what the review is, the title says it all. After Lust Stories, I really hoped for Ghost Stories to set a benchmark for the Horror genre given movies that really are horror and not hor-ex which scare the sh*t out of you are very few. But it looks like disappointment is all that this movie has to offer.

So let's begin with the title, shall we? 'Ghost Stories' - there were ghosts no doubts about it. But where is the story? And you would expect the movie to get better with every story, somehow this movie went the other way around. It's like 2 directors decided to make a horror flick and the other 2 just chipped in to make it a spin-off of Lust Stories. This movie proves you why our elders taught us 'Jiska kaam usi ko saajhe'. Period. So, here I start venting out my first bad decision of 2020:


Starring Janhavi Kapoor, this story was still a little better as compared to the other ones. It wasn't stretched to death or overdone. It didn't really have a 'ghost' per se and that's what makes horror movies interesting. But that doesn't mean it wasn't flawed. It was in a way predictable and to be very honest, it didn't impact as much as it should've towards the end. If you're wondering how I have not adored Janhvi's mind-blowing acting skills, I would like to not state the obvious. We have many other aspects of the movie to regret about.


Now this story is exactly why I called Zoya's story better than any of the others. 3 words, 11 letters - WHAT THE FU*K? These were the only things that came to my mind while I watched this. Honestly, the art direction and the tone is the only thing that was creepy, the story was cringy. So much so that I didn't hesitate to skip through and jump straight to the next one.


2 kids in the middle of a deserted village. A visitor who's stuck with them and is trying to make sense out of all the madness that is going on is an interesting plot but again it just doesn't make sense. The level of creativity is unmatchable because you can't figure if it's The Walking Dead or The Predator playing on the screen. You will say, "Holy sh*t, what just happened!" and wonder if all of it was necessary.


This story reeks of Karan Johar. Grandeur, a song for the wedding sequence and well the recipient for cameo of the year - Kusha Kapila (honestly, I couldn't comprehend her whole purpose of being a part of this, but okay) This story didn't shove the fact that it is horror in your face. And how will it? There was nothing that will possibly scare you! I would totally understand if you felt this story was a part of this movie just for the sake of it.

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