Gimme some more drama please

I recently watched the show, 4 More Shots Please. While the hype was real, towards the end, the show which tried to mould itself into being talk of the town, was just all talk. Fans, relax, I'll tell you why I felt so in a moment. After finishing the whole series in a day, I was left with nothing but with mixed feelings for the show :p (a good mix of course)

The show aimed at promoting the idea of women being independent by talking about the lives of 4 women who learn about different aspects of their life through their journey and mistakes. While this is a rather cool way to portray the modern ideologies of feminism, it falls flat when it comes to encouraging women through realistic thoughts. Indian scripts with the usual high dose of exaggeration, lead to dilution of script which ended up in redirecting the impact that the first season carried. Don't believe me? Here are few things that I observed that made me question the logic of "Is this something a girl can easily do?" And also made me fall in love with the show. Check them out-

1. Too much monies to save a friend

Well, rescuing your friend is a priority and we won't think for a moment when we have to do it. However, when it comes to helping out a friend, who is currently in some other part of world would not be rushing out to meet her. Travelling to another country based on a freaked-out phone call can be only attainable if you have enough money and network. Also when you reach there and you see your friend having fun with the "firangs", I'm pretty sure your reaction would not be to brush it off and spend some more money enjoying with her. That situation realistically demands a big fight.

2. All glamour and drama

Throughout the show I felt, there was not a single repetitive dress worn by each girl. While I understand this is a series and like any other series, no attire is ever repeated. But aren't we past that stage where we only want the glam? We want relativity, and always presenting themselves at their best, even at nightouts too has now become kinda boring. The main message of the show is that women are powerful by themselves and they don't need anyone or anything to add things to then, then why is it okay to add that glamour?

3. The mark of true friendship

No matter what, the show flaunted (read threw) money, drama, glamour & things at us. All of which is only doable when group of girlfriends are rich af! However, their bond is what stole the show. No matter what the situation each one got into, they were always there for each other, without judging anyone, just like my girl gang! Well, I loved this thing a lot.

Although I enjoyed the show, and missed my girl gang, this show eventually left me with the feeling of dissatisfaction. You know, this show could have focused more on being realistic and close to representing what issues women can actually face. In that case, the show would have topped it's earlier season and proved to be a more hard-hitting series definitely. Had it been more genuine and less of misleading concepts, it would have left the right impact of independence and power that many women ideally need currently.

But then again. This is just a review and it can be different for you. I loved the show, but these points are just a few that can maybe help in making the script focus more on the real message that they were actually trying to portray - The problem of equality.

If you are reading this review, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And also send your suggestions on shows that you think I need to review. Until then, wishing more love and #girlpower.

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