How to 'Play It Cool' With The Art of 'Strong Vulnerability'

For someone who has not known what liking someone is for a longgggg time now (*bluff alert*), I sure am too invested in knowing how modern-day dating and relationships work. Now, let's not go too far and keep relationships aside, how about we just start with dating? Not even into a lot of dates, just the initial few. A common DON'T is coming across as clingy or needy. Not letting your date know that you're now Ali from Dhoom and you have already rehearsed your wedding wows.

It's human to desire, crave, WANT intimacy. But is it really OK to show how much you want a certain someone? The answer to this is really subjective. We all have our own individual take on how we approach the dilemma of wanting someone but not making it obvious. While there is no right or wrong, here is an approach that can help you in resolving this pressing issue. 'Vulnerability' for some is a state of being weak and for some an act of sheer strength. When it comes to relationships 'strong vulnerability' will help you project yourself in a manner where you do express your needs but essentially there is no shift in the power dynamics. You are in complete control of your situation. What is strong vulnerability? It's the risk one should be willing to take in order to face rejections and be ok with it. While positives are great, we can always keep our fears locked in a box but vulnerability will show you the truest self of the person you are attracted to. It is convenient to give into the dating Do's & Dont's like 'keep it casual', 'don't text too often', and so on but acing the emotional aspect of strong vulnerability can really help us be honest with total independence. A commonly perceived notion is that if someone is acting needy or being too demanding, they are crossing a certain boundary which leads to loss of interest. Why you'd wonder. Simply because the dependency reflected might throw someone off completely. It's good to want someone, but projecting that they are the only ones who can fill your void may not be a wise move. You could talk about your fears but accept that you are ready to put up a fight and overcome it. Talk about your flaws and accept them. Own your negatives but with confidence. The benefit here is two-fold. You will know how they embrace vulnerability or who knows, you might strike an unimaginable connection through this. I think it is safe to say, you can go on and express your desire but don't forget to leave an impression of how you're completely capable of handling unreciprocated feelings.

A little something to add here: strong vulnerability should not be used as a mask but rather a shield that you have built with self-awareness. Simply put, do not fake it. Go back, introspect and develop strong vulnerability so that it comes naturally to you. And not just in relationships but in any and every other social interaction!

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