I Spent A Week On Bumble And I Have Some REAL QUESTIONS

We'd all agree that dating apps have existed and done their part of the deal even before the pandemic ruined our lives. But, COVID-19 has surely made these platforms a go-to place in case you want to date or explore your love life. Let me tell you something, I have a ground rule, NEVER GET ON DATING APPS! Yes, I'm a person who's never been easily charmed by the whole online dating idea. But you know, one thing lead to another, and next, I downloaded Bumble! *This happened while Blinding Lights by The Weeknd played in the background*

So here I was, setting up my profile, adding/deleting pictures, exploring the app and I was ready to get started. To be very honest, I might have not blushed so hard in a long time. Pretty profiles, pretty guys, pretty everything in front of my eyes. Every time I would come across a profile that interested me, I'd have this grin on my face and it was all exciting. But. Within a few hours of being on the app, I realized how few things really started to bother me. I made observations and hell do I need some answers! So, if you've been on dating apps before, I'm sure you can relate to a couple of these:

1. Why are there are a zillion guys of the same name?

How many guys named Rahul did you come across? So many that you actually lost count? Me too. And, just to set the context, I was in particular not wanting to deal with another guy of the same name. So, Thank You Bumble, for shoving a million other guys while I was not interested in them, to begin with. Honestly, if a certain Rahul has practically made you question the whole idea of dating, would you want another one to do the same? Neh.

2. A genuine question: why do guys have pictures with other girls?

So, me, a girl, is looking out for a guy and sure I would want to see his pictures. But why are his pictures with other girls? What exactly are you trying to prove here? To be real candid, I must've swiped a couple of such profiles right only meaning to ask this question! And, by the way, most of these pictures have the girls fancying the guy. Like WOAH Aman, we got it, girls love you. But we really lost 2 precious seconds losing interest in you.

3. Am I talking to a certain Angel Priya?

The absolute reason why I've never been interested in online dating. One can never be 100 percent sure if the person on the other side is a genuine one. What if this is just a fake profile. What if the things shown on the profile are not entirely true? And it's not always boys who fall for pretty faces, it's us girls, too. And dating apps being all real? Not so sure.

4. Why are the conversations so dead?

Since all my conversations start with mentioning about the pandemic, this novel disease has done more damage than it's being shown. People have lost interest, they talk like they have no interest whatsoever and it's also the fact that most of us are mentally drained. We're trying to find jobs, work remotely, attend lectures online, or we're just figuring how to keep ourselves busy. And quoting multiple bios that rightly said "A relationship in this economy? Really?" It's worth contemplating: do we settle for boring chats or are we better off on our own?

Draw some conclusions you'd ask? I'd say I'm not staying on the app for more than a week. Word has it, the conversations have now moved to Instagram and so hasta la vista Bumble and also you guys! If you have answers to my impending questions, do HMU!

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