I Want This, I Want This Not!

What is it that you love the most about being in 'love'? Or should I bring it down a notch and say - what is that you love about 'liking' someone? Is it actually the feeling of being in love or is it everything that you feel while you're falling in love? I think it is the latter. We all love the chase, the butterflies, the spark.

While it's wonderful to be in a phase that makes every romantic song relatable, do you ever notice these small details that can not be a healthy habit? Here are some actions that I would love to draw your attention to:

You want to know everything about them

The day you start developing a crush on someone, you want to know everything about them and there is no denying it. You end up stalking not only them but even their neighbor's bestfriend's girlfriend's cousin. And why not, stalking is addictive and you have this new person on your mind whose world you want to immerse in.

You try to like everything they like

You love listening to Ms. Grande being all like "I want it, I got it" and then here you are listening to indie music trying really hard to like it. You how doesn't know the 'F' of football is also watching it. And for what? To strike a conversation with him? How about trying to find someone who will really appreciate your taste or text you every now and then without you having to try so hard?

You seek their validation

They really have to like every picture, every look, every move you do for them, isn't it? There is something really wrong with this, really.

*Cries in the corner while being guilty*

You start to over analyze

Why isn't he adding an emoji while texting like he used to? While is liking all her pictures but not mine? Another Instagram story, who is he with? There is no way to calm your mind that is now trying to solve mysteries that don't really exist.

You imagine situations that are unlikely to happen

"He will make a graaaaaand gesture." "He and I will be the 'IT' couple." "He will run off with his best friend!" Actually, no. You're totally imagining these scenarios and nothing's happening till you both don't make a move and make 'IT' happen ;)

It's natural to feel these emotions. But the day it doesn't bother you who they are with, what they are doing and you are not overly attached, love is at your door. (I may have gone too far there!)

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