Life Is All About Second Chances and 2010's 'Colorful' Is Proof

Rarely does a person come across a movie that handles the concept of 'life, death and rebirth' beautifully and I must say, Japanese animes easily out beats any other cinema in this concept. Speaking of second chances how often do we look back and think of forgiving people who have unintentionally done us wrong? How about our own selves, do we ever think about giving another shot at making things better than resorting to self-blaming? Well, 2010's Colorful will convince you to keep believing that there's always a tomorrow, a new beginning and it's never too late to mend things.

The story begins with a soul in the afterlife being offered a rare chance at life, however, this doesn't quite interest the soul. His 'guide' Purapura informs him that the decision is made and he has no option but to be reborn as Makoto Kobayashi, a 14-year-old who had recently attempted to commit suicide. Although while being reborn as Makoto, the soul has to find out in 6 months the sin committed by him in the previous life. Failing to do so would mean the soul's existence ceases completely.

The soul along with the assigned task also has to understand what led to Makoto overdosing on pills and ending his life. Purapura, being the guide, gives him limited information occasionally. A hard-working father who's underpaid, a brother who is indifferent, and a mother who recently ended her affair makes him despise his new family. He avoids eating meals and is particularly disgusted by his mother's presence.

Makoto decides to go back to school and finds he has no friends except for Shoko, who's rather weird herself and is amused by how different Makoto seems. What's heartbreaking is that Shoko also experiences bullying as badly as Makoto does. He has a crush on Hiroka, a schoolmate, who sells herself for extra money (a common practice in Japan, sadly) to afford all the fancy things. Makoto tries to talk her out of it but his efforts go down the drain. What changes his sad outlook towards life is befriending Saotome, who takes him on an unforgettable expedition. From going around the city to buying some cool kicks and sharing meals, Makoto finds that one thing he required to live - 'Friendship' and I'm sure all of us lucky ones here will agree.

All in all, Colorful touches upon sensitive aspects every teen is likely to go through or come to know of- infidelity, prostitution, bullying, lack of acceptance, and most of all the importance of friendship. The movie can be easily streamed on Youtube, so go on, watch some meaningful content while social distancing!

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