What defines us as a person? Our personality? Our temperament? Probably the way we deal with things. Or it could be how we portray ourselves in any given situation. But to grow as a person, we need to experience things. We need to keep learning constantly, and who better than our own life to teach us a lesson or two. All we need to do is trust the process because ultimately we become stronger than we ever were after experiencing:

1. Being cheated on

So, being cheated on is not limited to relationships only. While our relationships also teach us tremendously (but people hardly learn), when your family or people you have absolute faith in cheat on you, that is when it hurts the most. You wouldn't imagine people you trust backstabbing you, but people do it anyway. This is when we usually start developing trust issues, major ones.

2. Unemployment

Money is everything in today's time. Your net worth is your worth as a human. How sad is that even to read? But, when you have nothing and you're not financially contributing, people who are actually supportive are rare to find. Not to forget how stressful it is for your own self to be idle and look for jobs and be careful with how you spend your money. It gets tough but so do you. We tend to become a lot more appreciative of things once we finally get them and also of the people who stick by.

3. Losing the ability to love

Maybe your experiences in life make you not want to have any affection for people. You completely give up on the concept of love. As much as you try, you cannot be happy for others who still love with all their hearts. You become stone-cold from within, processing your feelings is something you don't bother to do.

4. Losing a loved one

We cannot imagine to wake up one day to find a loved one gone forever, let alone actually losing them. Life is unpredictable and we often don't value people who have actually been a part of our journey, who stayed and never left, constantly inspiring us. It's only when they're gone we realize their worth. Learning to live without your support systems can never be easy and this life lesson is one of the toughest situations to be in.

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