Lukewarm Lovers

"If I were to close my eyes, and think how my life would look like with love, I'd still see a barren land. But you came along and I noticed a tiny little bloom. I couldn't believe that I was capable of liking someone, even a tad bit to begin with. I started putting myself out there, enjoyed the playful banter, waited to hear from you, got upset when I didn't. You know, the usual when you start liking someone. For me, being there for someone is a love language and I spoke more than I should have. I started feeling stretched, going in every direction to make every possible move to keep you close. But it's true when they say that the more you try to keep something, the more it drifts apart. We drifted apart. But here's the thing, there was always this grey area, you know. Where 'maybe' was the only answer. Were the feelings mutual? Maybe. So, even when we knew clearly what each one felt like, we never addressed it. And we did nothing about it either. We just stayed there. In the grey area. Knowing if there's no one else, there is atleast you, with half the love if none. There's friendship, but there's no more to it. And, we can't move past it, somehow it feels comfortable hanging in the middle. Knowing we have someone (maybe) than having no one. One person to go to cry about things, share deepest secrets, and talk about everything under the sun not knowing what this bond's dynamics are."

Letting out a long sigh he asks, "Okay, so what does that make us then?"

With a soft smile I say, "Lukewarm Lovers?!"

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