With the new year being just around the corner, you must be wondering a new resolution, just to eventually break it. Let's not deny the fact that a new year resolution lasts only on the 1st of January and the very next day the resolution with your determination walks out of the door. We only pay for the gym membership to never go, we decide to make most of the time at our hands only to procrastinate and we resolve to save money and splurge like Kardashians over the weekend. So, do we really need a 'New Year Resolution 2020'?

Clearly, NO! I have had my share of resolutions. Everything from vowing to eat healthy to improving as a person, all the resolutions ended the day they were made. Unless off-late, one incident changed my whole perspective on resolutions. The day I felt I needed to change something in me, an obstacle I felt I could never overcome, I decided to make a resolution right in the middle of 2019. And ever since, the growth has been positive. Every month is a milestone I accomplish as a mark of the change I wished to see in me. And every passing month, I'm more determined to continue it for many more years to come.

Conclusions you ask? It's never too late for a resolution. The day you wish to change is the day you make one. And when you truly want to go achieve something, you'll do it irrespective of anything that comes in the way. So eff the norm and make a resolution when you truly wish to do so!

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