In the past few years ‘Feminism’ is on the rise and a bunch of celebrities have hopped on, joined the bandwagon and stood by the ideology. But if you have been closely observing, men who are far from deserving fall prey to this rather more male-bashing trend than it is about equality (what feminism is ideally all about). Honestly what comes as a surprise is actors who we thought are rational make statements that quite literally make them deserve the backlash they end up facing. Off late, Neha Dhupia who is judging Roadies Revolution (yes, this show is still running) just proved to be one of those people who need to think at least once before saying anything at all. Now, she did not only become a deserving candidate for trolling by the netizens, but she also proved how she is an epitome of hypocrisy.

What went down during one of the auditions is a contestant said that he had slapped his girlfriend as she cheated on him with 5 other guys. Our ‘Miss India’ went on to say that being with 5 boys is the girl’s choice and maybe the problem is with him. Um, honestly, she threw all the reasoning and logic out of the window and I am certain that most of us women watching this would not have agreed with what she said. I mean, since when is cheating acceptable just because it’s a girl doing it? Hypocrisy was when Neha was absolutely proud of a girl hitting 4 guys, this happened during one of the previous seasons. Now, hitting a girl or a guy is nothing to be proud of, but since when did celebrities (who we deemed sane) lose all their power of rationalizing actions? Seems like feminism has gone straight to Neha’s head and it’ll be interesting to see her response to the wrath of the audience who’ve not yet lost their sense of judgment.

What also comes as a surprise is that the show itself didn’t find it absurd and let it go on air. This just not only reflects on the celebrity alone, but the show also got all sorts of negativity and honestly, it’s also well deserved. To lighten up your mood, here are some tweets that are relatable:

We hope our celebrities filter their thoughts before just blurting it out!

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