Netflix India Needs A Saving Grace As 'Betaal' Does Not Quite Do The Job

These days I do nothing but sit back and watch endless shows/movies. Honestly, what better do I even have other than this? And clearly, looking at the kind of shows that are streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, it looks like Netflix India has completely forgotten what quality content actually means.

Honestly, after Chopsticks, I can't quite recollect any decent movies or shows being offered by the streaming platform. Sacred Games 2 was heavily criticized and we're still unsure of why it wants to be associated with KJo and Jacqueline Fernandez! It sort of became a ritual to read maximum reviews before watching a Netflix India Original and that's pretty much why I didn't even bother watching 'What Are The Odds'.

Horror being my favorite genre, I didn't want to miss 'Betaal', and seeing that there are only 4 episodes, it came across as a fair deal. Can be binge-watched, but is it worth it? Umm, not quite. The plot revolves around CIPD Squad Baaz fighting zombie redcoats led by Lt. Col John Lynedoch. The show talks about a lot of other things along with being (trying to be) a horror flick and honestly it seems like a force fit. I mean the show depicts present-day issues going on in politics, corruption, moral obligations, specifically using a female character to bring out issues with father not wanting a girl child amidst a zombie apocalypse. Whew.

As too much goes on in the Betaal, the first episode is still bearably a decent watch but things just go downhill from there. Poor character development, weird costumes, absolute death of logic, and deviating from the very intent of scaring or at least entertaining, the show is not what will help Netflix India revive itself.

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