One less disappointment of 2019: You 2!

2019 was a year where we waited for the many new seasons of our favourite web series. But believe it or not, for most of us the 2nd season sequels turned out to be quite disappointing.

But something amazing was just around the corner. YES! It happened when December ringed in with the much awaited season 2 of You!

I recently finished watching the latest season and trust me guys, it was definitely not a disappointment.

Each one of them in this season 2 series has pulled off their characters flawlessly. (Ps: There are some new characters & they are relatively better than season 1) Penn Badgley who plays role of the pschyo lover and killer, Joe GoldBerg is even more interesting to watch in this latest season.

In this season, they again surprised us by keeping some great thrills and suspense. The last few episodes will make sure to give you the chills and will leave you confused, by making you ask yourself, "how did this happen?".

The only thing throughout that I felt thoughout the season was that in one of the articles which I read, they said, the neighbour kid in season 1 who was Joe's friend, will appear again in this season. However, he was not there to be seen. The only unanswered question was what happened to that kid he left quite surprisingly in season 1!

If you haven't watched this one helluva amazing American Psycho Thriller series, then you should definitely get a free one month trial netflix subscription only to watch this. You season 2 is by far one of the best season 2s of 2019 by Netflix.

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