People who said "2020 will be my/the best year" are taking their words back!

Have you ever been hopeful about a better day after a bad one? Then maybe in a couple of days, you see things being back to normal and you're positive that things will only get better. Now 2020 is doing exactly the opposite to all of us! Not only are people panicking, but they're also scared for their lives and honestly each one of us can feel this situation. It's not just a couple of things but 10 different things that have happened in the span of just 3 months. Sadly some people are using social platforms to amplify things and cause more panic. The only silver lining here is the memes that are created by people to express just how everybody is feeling about 2020, and they are:

I hope you'll are taking all the precautionary measures and stay safe everyone! :)

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