'Princess Mononoke' depicts exactly how humans have always taken the nature for granted

The anime spree continues as we socially distance ourselves owing to the pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Movies at this time have come to my rescue and next up is 1997's, Princess Mononoke. I can't emphasize enough on the fact that this movie will tell you exactly why we are going through this outbreak and how we are collectively responsible for every environmental concern.

The movie is set in the 14th Century, a time when there existed peace between humans, animals, and the Gods. This peace, though, was compromised when human greed exceeded and the animals resorted to war with humans to claim back their right to live.

The protagonist Ashitaka is cursed by a demon he kills and he is asked to seek the Deer God's help in order to survive the corruption that is spreading in his body. On his journey towards the Western lands, Ashitake encounters Lady Eboshi who is the head of Irontown, the primary reason for all the conflicts. Her aim to get rid of the animals and Gods to produce more Iron leads to unrest primarily between the Wolf Goddess and her human daughter Mononoke who was abandoned by her parents. Ashitaka's efforts to make peace only causes more trouble.

What is interesting to watch is the very antithesis where fellow humans are not to be trusted and maybe relying on the animals is much wiser. At every turn, this movie makes you realize how the animals are done taking sh*t from us humans. Not to forget that there are these very cute looking tree spirits whom you'll spot often in the movie.

Watch this one to see how Hayao Miyazaki presents the harsh reality in a rather glorious manner.

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