Revisiting our childhood favorite: Dexter's Laboratory

"How do I pass my time?" is a question everyone's asking themselves right now. Well obviously, this applies to the major chunk who are in their college years or probably people like me, jobless. Now while being without a job is awful enough, having nothing to do forced me to look around for things that can help me be occupied while also being sane. One such thing that has helped me pass time is revisiting my childhood while watching the good ol' cartoons and I started off watching Dexter's Laboratory. Now while I hazily remember the show, I noticed these 5 things when I watched it again being all grown up:

1. The theme song is brilliant

The show starts with the theme song playing. It has those 90's feels and an evil ring to it as Deedee comes on screen. Perfect, I'd say.

2. Dexter had an accent

I believe we Indian kids don't know that Dexter had this stranger Eastern European accent because obviously it was dubbed in Hindi. Watching the show again, originally in English, it's fun to hear the little genius rock that accent. It's believed that since he's a scientist, he ought to have one!

3. Dee Dee was the most annoying character. Ever.

While Dexter has to deal with weird-looking monsters and a kid smarter than him (ah, the pain), Dee Dee is the main antagonist in his life. The moment she starts speaking both Dexter and you would feel the stabbing pain in your ears. I give to Team Rocket from Pokémon for being much more bearable than Dee Dee ever was. It shows how having a small nonfunctioning brain can cause tremendous trouble to others. I swear if she were Indian, her mom would've fed her a bunch of Almonds daily.

4. Dexter proved how a geeky kid could also kick some a*s

Dexter was bullied for being a geek but he made sure he used his brains to teach all the villains a lesson. Now that I'm watching it in 2020, Dexter's inventions seem way ahead of time. He would make poor choices sometimes, given his enthusiasm to be the best, and the decisions would take a turn for the worst when Dee Dee made sure to add to the madness.

5. There was also a monkey superhero and some other recurring segments

So, an average episode would be 21 minutes long with 3 mini-episodes. The second episode had barely anything to do with Dexter. There was a monkey superhero who would go around saving mankind and earth but honestly, I really don't get the point of this being included. (Acts like I don't know that this was to increase the run time.)

I hope you all stay indoors and stay safe while binging on your favorite shows!

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