For everyone who's in a relationship and pitying me reading the title, save it. I believe (or should I rather hope ) there are more than just a few like me who end up scaring the boys away in an attempt to strike a conversation. Now, here's exactly why it happens!

Poor flirting skills

I may be excellent at communicating the most complex of things but when it comes to flirting (got all jittery when I even typed the word) I just CAN'T. Because it so happens that I end up insulting the guy and hey that is flirting for me. All attempts of teaching me 'How to Flirt Like A Pro' have been made, guess I'm just not so good at it.

A 'little' blunt

So, I'm a little upfront when it comes to my speech. Sugarcoating is not my forte and that reflects when I'm having a conversation with a guy. If I'm 50% blunt, the rest 50% is me being sarcastic. In that case, even if a guy wants to use pick up lines on me will end up regretting doing so.

Being uptight about almost everything

Just sometimes, you look at someone and say, "This person really needs to chill." That someone is me. Yeah, hi. The issue with being uptight is, you come across as someone who needs to chill TF down. I'm getting there, for sure. But meanwhile, I may even scare a guy with the coolest demeanor away.

Blast from the past

If I manage to get a guy close enough to think about being together, it's not likely to happen. I'm likely to overthink the situation, wondering if the past is about to repeat itself. And the self-defense mechanism to do that is pushing the guy away. What follows is acting like I don't care a damn about the guy and I would intimidate him so much, he's bound to find me crazy. His efforts of making me feel special will definitely go down the drain, along with my chances of not being single anymore.

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