Shows That Came Back With A New Season In 2019 Just To Disappoint Us

2019 can officially be declared as the year of huge disappointments so far, courtesy of our favorite shows. While you die in anticipation and excitement it's heartbreaking to see how all our devotion towards these shows is not worth it. Memes are proof that the shows were better off where they left. Did we expect a bit too much? Or was it the show itself? Well, these shows definitely made us regret wanting a new season:

1. Sacred Games Season 2


Most of you will agree that the second season of the show started off quite slow. While people started watching the show on 15th August midnight itself, giving "balidaan" of their sleep wasn't that great an idea. They would've surely shut their devices down and slept instead. Personally, it took me a month to finish the second season. If it helps, the episodes do get a little better towards the end.

2. Big Little Lies Season 2


With a killer first season, I couldn't be any less excited for Big Little Lies to come back with a second season and Meryl Streep joining the cast just added. Honestly, her character was the only thing that I liked about season 2 of BLL. Her iconic scream is just my reaction after I realized how much time I wasted waiting for and watching the show.

3. Stranger things Season 3


Who asked for this? Did we? The creatures appearing on the show are getting stranger and so is the plot and it's not quite what the audience wants. It seemed more of subtle brand promotions. But hey! Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica are very cute and the highlight is surely Suzie, Dustin's girlfriend.

4. Game of Thrones Season 8


Game of Thrones ending can rightly be called as ending of an era because no other show can even compare to what emotions flood in right from the theme song of the show playing to the very last episode of every season. But after 2 years of wait, when the final season was to be aired, I decided to wake up at 6.30 a.m. in the morning ON A MONDAY to watch it (#OneLastTime you know). What a shame. It started off well, built anticipation, was going just ok till the third episode where the Night King was conveniently killed and then the disappointment starts. The final three episodes were an absolute waste of time and the final episode was just me saying "someone please stop this!". Killing your favorite character was best done by GOT but they also killed the plot, the character arches and our liking for the show too. SMH even today.

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