If you want to watch A REAL INDIAN WEDDING in a movie and not the surreal ones show in the KJo films, you have to watch Monsoon Wedding, a BAFTA-winning flick by Mira Nair. A little about the director Mira Nair - her movies are authentic and real in the sense that you can easily relate to whatever is happening in the movie. More than that, she depicts human relationships with absolute finesse. Be it a father-daughter duo or a young couple attracted to each other, Mira Nair will make you say "Yes. That's how it absolutely is!" Now, Monsoon Wedding being a movie revolving around bonds, 5 relationships we adore in the Monsoon Wedding are:

1. Aditi and Hemant

Aditi is the bride who is soon going to be married to Hemant. However, Aditi has an affair with her boss but never hears back from him. Aditi wants to be honest with Hemant and tells him about her affair. A little angry initially, Hemant eventually appreciates her honesty and they get along very well. Appreciating one's good qualities and forgiving nature is something we all look for in our partners.

2. Lalit and Ria

A chacha-bhatiji relationship we have immense respect for, Lalit is someone who stands against the world for his beloved bhatiji who is nothing less than a daughter to him. Ria, who was molested by Lalit's brother in law, confides in Lalit and says she can't be a part of the wedding. Lalit convinces her to come for Aditi's sake but in the end, he asks his sister and brother in law to leave the family home and wedding. We all want a family member who stands by our side, come what may.

3. Ayesha and Rahul

When it's a big fat Indian wedding, the extended family comes along and it so happens that sparks start flying romantically. Same is the case with Ayesha and Rahul. They have their own set of misunderstandings but eventually, they work together as a perfect team.

P.S. Rahul is played by Randeep Hooda, who is totally adorbs in the movie.

4. Pimmi, Lalit and their son Varun

Pimmi is caught up in her daughter's marriage but is equally supportive of her younger child Varun. Varun is constantly bullied by his father but he is adamant about what he wants to be when he grows up. Pimmi and Lalit's marriage is also not a fairytale and has its own ups and downs. These situations in a family relationship could not get any more relatable!

5. P.K. Dubey and Alice

If one relationship from Monsoon Wedding is to be labeled as 'The Best', it is hands down P.K. Dubey and Alice's. It's the most innocent kind of love you'd ever know. Their love goes beyond religion or money or status and their small marriage ceremony towards the end of the movie will melt your heart.

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