The Hero Instinct: The Key To Winning A Guy's Heart

Yes. You read the title right. Just when I had given up completely on the concept of love, I stumbled on an article that promised me how I can make that one particularly distant salmon in the sea, mine. This article claimed that in just 12 words, and I am not exaggerating, you will literally become a guy's OBSESSION.

Wondering what the fuss is all about? Let me break it down for you.

There is a biological drive, a certain instinct that even men are not really aware of, which the author calls 'The Hero Instinct'. It's precisely making a guy feel how important his presence in your life is. You need to tell a guy how your world revolves around him. Now, hey, you cannot just say it subtly okay? These 12 words have to bring out 2 things - desperation (of really wanting someone) and validation (to the guy without whom you might not be able to live).

I'd want to mention the author's real life example here- a woman falls for a guy who shows equal interest in her, at least in the initial phase. A little while later, she goes through what almost all of us experience, ghosting. Unable to understand why her texts and calls are going unanswered, she approached the relationship coach (our dear author) who experiences a Eureka moment! Suddenly he knows what is common in all these experiences. He drafts a 12-word message and crossing her fingers, she hits send. And guess what? Happy ending. The guy was deeply in love with her.

Being the kind person that I am, I will tell you what those words were, "I've realized that I won't be happy without you in my life." Now how exactly does this work? In the author's own words, it's not about trying to please him, it's about giving him a way to please you. It's nearly impossible for a man to feel like he's in love if he doesn't feel like he's earning that love. My take after reading the article? HMMM. I had thoughts that I couldn't even put into words. Being someone who was actually criticised by a guy for expressing one-twelfth of the emotion that lies in those twelve words, I would rather fall out of love than tying my happiness to another person. If I were a guy, I would've probably:

In times when self-love should be the #1 priority, expecting someone else to bring you peace is slightly unfair. Overall, this concept doesn't sound like it would really work. My bet is it'd do the complete opposite.

P.S. This is my opinion about the concept and the author's claims. It's debatable: what if it is true? Want to read the complete article and giggle while you do so? Write back to #YoursTruly and we can probably have a chat!

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