The Inspiring Tale of 'Kali Pari' - Renee Kujur

Do you ever come across a story, that seems like your own? A story that touches your heart the moment you read it, see it or experience it? For me, a dark-skinned girl, this story hit right at the spot, given I was always told about me being dark in a certain way. And this story is of Renee Kujur, an Indian model, known for her close resemblance to the international R&B sensation Rihanna.

Growing up, Renee once wanted to play the role of a fairy in her school's annual day celebration. And when she did, her friends were too quick to call her 'kaali pari', and honestly this doesn't come as a surprise.

Being dark myself, I wasn't spared by my family too. Negro, African, kaali, you name the word that signifies darkness and I was called that. But isn't this seeded in our mentality right from our childhood? Look back at those dolls you played with, weren't they always fair? The celebrities you looked upto? For that matter, a few of them underwent a skin lightening treatment. And skin cream commercials claiming you could achieve anything after applying something that makes your skin light? But why? The only reason being, we were always taught that fairness is a mark of beauty.

But amidst all of this, there's Renee and many of us like her, who've grown to embrace our skin tone. From embracing every shade of bright color irrespective of whether it suits our tone or not to lipstick shades that pops out and adds to our beauty, we don't wish to let anyone say we can't be any less pretty because we're dark. And over the years, we've seen the world gradually accept this fact. As for Renee, she's working for a cause to fight against the discrimination against models with a dark complexion, and we couldn't thank her enough to do this for all of us who are now inspired. More power to you!

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