The kind of girls a guy comes across!

As much as girls diss about the kind of guys they have to deal with, a guy too has a lot of girls he'd want to say Thank U, Next to. Let's give the poor guys some credit and look at the kind of girls a guy comes across in his life:

1. The one who just needs somebody to "Lean On"

She enters your life like a fresh breath of air. You both bond well and now she tops your frequently contacted list. You're her go-to person for everything. With her best friend backstabbing to fighting with her mom, you've heard it all and also consoled her. You've been there for her through thick and thin and probably no one understands her as well as you do. But, let me just quickly check your relationship status in spite of being the great guy that you are. Oops, still says SINGLE!

2. The Spice girl - quite literally

In other words, she's also known as the teekhi mirchi. She's witty with her quick and sassy comebacks. She could possibly replace Pooh from K3G if it's ever remade. If you're a guy who loves challenges, you should still probably not go for it. You might end up getting hurt. And just a little hint: if this kind of girl likes you, she'll be the one making the first move.

3. The one giving you the 'Yellow Light'

Mix-signaling you is her favorite hobby. Period. She likes you or maybe she makes you feel so.

4. The one with (your) money on her mind

Aha! She belongs to the famous digger tribe. Luring you in with their charm, all the focus is on the moola. A little advice? When your friends warn you about this chick, go ahead and trust them.

P.S. Her sun sign probably looks like "$" - iss raashi k logon se 2 feet ki doori par rehna anivarya hai

5. OOL

Out of League! Yes! But is it even a crush if they're in your league? This is the kind of girl who makes you say "woh dekh teri bhabhi" to your boys, no? The prettier the girl, the likely it is for you to spend time with her, probably in your thoughts though.

The bottom line is, irrespective of the kind you have to deal with, a good one is bound to come along one day, you just got to be a little patient. Hang in there, buddy!

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