*This article is co-written by Lipika Igatpurikar*

“She’s just going through a phase!”, “Pretty sure she’s just looking for a threesome.”, “Is Bisexuality even real?” - Just a few statements or rather assertions we casually make without realizing that these are nothing but myths revolving around bisexuality. Even though a lot is being said about LGBTQ, have we ever considered understanding in depth what belonging to the LGBTQAI+ community entails? And for all of us who need some serious enlightening, our fellow FTW tribe mate has penned down her thoughts and trust me, it’s time we sit back and make a note of it:

“I came out to my friends as a bisexual around 2.5 years ago. Obviously, I had the persistent fear that it'd suck and people wouldn't accept the whole idea of it; you know, the same old. But, it was not as hard as it was disappointing. People's reactions were so disappointing. It all started with a "Are you sure it's not just a phase?" or "Wow, total threesome material ha." A person close to me told me that this was an "attention-seeking" tactic. Seriously? These reactions coming from straight people were disgusting as hell but to some extent expected and understandable (it should not have been but it was not something I hadn't seen coming).

The worst hit came when a friend who identifies as a part of the LGBTQ+ community said to me "You do know that being attracted to certain girls does not make you like girls right? Stop disregarding us." That is when it hit me that people do not take us seriously as a community. Bisexuals have been put into a little fantasy bubble where they only seem to exist in order to fulfill the straight sexual fantasy. That, as convenient as it may sound, is far from the truth. Bisexuals are individuals who are "Sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender; attracted to both men and women." We are individuals, just like you.

My bisexuality is not a phase, it defines who I am. It defines my struggles of trying to fit into a society where people just seem to belittle my sexuality. It defines my urge to smack people, who are hell-bent on proving that bisexuality does not exist, in the face. It's been 2.5 years and the only thing I'm sure about is my sexuality; not my future, not my career, not even my relationships but my sexuality.”

Dear Lipika,

Our society needs to read this. Period. Thank you, for addressing all the stereotypes that revolve around the bisexual community. It’s been an absolute honor. More power to you!

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