While browsing through the list of the Oscar Nominations of 2020, one movie, in particular, caught my eye. Parasite. A South Korean comedy thriller. Yes, a "comedy-thriller". Quoting this genre because it made me wonder what I was supposed to expect when I watch the movie. Am I supposed to laugh? Or be at the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next? But when I did watch the movie, it blew my brains off!

It's twisted coupled with genius

Directed and screenplay also done by Bong Joon-Ho, this movie has been written in a way no ordinary can imagine, not even in his wildest dreams. I mean, for a movie to make you say "I DID NOT expect that!", it needs some solid writing backed with all the other aspects that bring the movie together. It's not for nothing that the movie is nominated in 6 categories for the Oscar!

Foreign cinema at its best

I have been an ardent believer of the fact that what foreign cinema offers is unmatchable, Hollywood is no comparison and Bollywood? Let's not get there. You may find it a little difficult to keep up with the subtitles given the absolute translation which makes the sentence translated into English sound alien but there will be a point when you won't even be bothered. You'll be into the movie with your jaws dropped.

The movie boasts of grandeur

Honestly, maybe with every Oscar-nominated movie, I just can't fail to notice the production design but Parasite has literally the finesse in this department and its Oscar nomination in this category is proof. From a semi basement-apartment to the Parks' mansion, everything is just the way you'd imagine it to be. What can I say? Treat to the eyes!

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