The Rebel Gang

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

To all our quintessential dreamers,

I know you're giving it your all, especially during these times, when there's nothing but gloom. I know you're putting a brave face on, and I also know there are moments you want to cry out loud, shout into the abyss and probably hit your own head on the wall (did I go too far there?) And in some of these moments, you do not know whom to turn to.

Let me tell you this, you're not alone. A personal experience - I was doing just fine even while going through a personal hell. But just when I thought I was doing fine, I ruined my own happiness by overthinking. I've been labeled as an overthinker, and most of the times it phased away. Not this time. It was a simple text that drove me insane. Nothing too serious, imagined scenarios that weren't true, broke down before, through and even days after a work meeting. Tried to reach out to people and felt like a fool.

I really wished I could scream my lungs out but wanted no one to hear and I realized I wasn't the only one. Thus, us FTW tribemates thought of this space which allows you to share while we all listen and we'll talk too, only if you wish to, anonymously. For all those moments, when you want to bare your heart out but don't know who to go to, we want to be there.

Together, #TheRebelGang rises, thrives and has each other's back! Go on, be the rebel, the space is right here:



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