5 Situations Where You Should Let Go!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Netflix and chill, BAE, my everything - these do sound cool to the most of us but sometimes the situation could take a turn for the worse. What to do when you are in a constant state of confusion and your relationship situation is debatable? Should you let go or give it another try? Well, these 5 situations definitely call for letting go and moving on.

1. Toxic Relationship

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It may sound too obvious, but it's so important to put yourselves and your health both mental and physical first. If not otherwise, one should live by "YOLO" in relationships and let go of any negativity that could affect one's well being. A relationship with pizza would be rather healthier than being with someone who's not doing any good to you. There are a lot of fishes out there, really!

2. Mixed Signal  

It's like some is showing your favorite candy to you but before it's given to you something is asked in return - your peace of mind. Let's not forget, the chance of getting the candy is 50% but your peace of mind is compromised either way. Is this heading somewhere? Will this relationship ever build? Is this even for real? Well, a lot of thoughts need to go in.

3. One-sided "love"

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Did Chhana Mereya play in the background in your mind? It definitely did in my mind because that's what one-sided love is all about, you liking someone who wants nothing to do with you. They probably love someone else or the concept of being with someone is alien to them. It's very easy to fall for someone, it's a hundred times difficult to get over them. The sooner we move on, the better it is for us.

P.S. It's rightly said "If you love someone, you should let them go. If they do not return, you'll were never meant to be."

4. When they're with you but actually want to be with someone else 

Now, why this situation is completely different from the one-sided love? Even though there is love between two people, it is not mutual. Individually, they may be amazing humans, but they just don't complement each well. While they could have amazing love stories with the ones they actually belong with, this relationship won't help them in growing as individuals. Letting go in these situations would be the only right thing to do.

5. The hookup where they want nothing but you want more 

These days people are sometimes pretty clear of why they are with someone. Maybe it's just a fling, a hookup, casual dating - and both agree before they go about it. But when one of them starts developing feelings for the other, it's game over. While you may be open to the idea of getting into a serious relationship with the other person, they may not be wanting the same with you or with anyone as a matter of fact. It's better to talk it out with them, know their opinion and if it won't come through, it's better to completely move on.

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