Are you tired of hearing the same questions again and again from people? Questions that irk you? Questions that make you wonder what such people are doing in your life? Questions you don't want to answer anymore? Well, I have a simple solution to this. SOCIAL MEDIA. After all, when will your Instagram bio be of actual use to you? So next time you're updating your bio, do not forget to add these points too.

1. Mention if you're a VIRGIN or not

Heyyyy, just casually wanting to know, "are you still a virgin?" While it's totally okay when the people you're comfortable with are asking you this, completely random people popping out of nowhere and having the audacity to ask if you've had sex is a little too "crossing the line".

2. Mention your Bra Size

Well, do you feel personally attacked when you're asked your bra size? I do. With small t*ts, people doubt you'll get guys. Big tits, people can't stop staring. But one question is sure to follow, "What size are you?!". "IDK Linda, maybe 32 - none of your business!". This question definitely annoys you more than having to wear a bra.

3. Do not forget to mention your salary

Remember this: If girls of almost your age or a little elder ask you this, they'll be the future padaus waali aunty whose hobbies will include prying and gossiping. So just so they don't have to go through the burden of asking you how much you earn and then totally talk about it behind your back, please mention this in your social media bios.

4. Dating? Single? Gay? Lesbian? The world needs to know!

You're still single? Have you changed your preferences? Are you a les.....? And then if you're dating someone and not telling them then there is another series of questions thrown your way. If possible, do hold a press conference and answer all the inquisitive souls out there, otherwise even mentioning your BAE's initials in your Instagram will do for the time being!

5. Periodically mention if you are PMSing so that people can stereotype your behavior

If you are easily irritable, or if something is genuinely pissing you off, you know what people ask? "Hey, what is it that is really bothering you? Can we talk it out and find a way through?" No. They do not ask this. They say "Is it that time of the month?" You may also be asked if you're PMSing. I suggest you mention this in your bio, so people are prepared in advance to effectively deal with you without getting hurt.

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